8 Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

September 01, 2022 3 min read

8 Awesome Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

When it comes to giving gifts, the emphasis is always on finding something that really speaks to the unique tastes and needs of the recipient. We go to great lengths to find a gift that will make that special someone feel, well, as special as they are. But, there’s another factor that’s becoming more and more important to consider, which is how eco-friendly the gift is.  

Which Eco-Friendly Gifts Should You Buy For Someone?

In today’s world, we have a responsibility to opt for products that are as good for the environment as possible. Eco-friendly gifts are simply gifts that don’t harm the environment in any way, by clogging landfills, emitting toxins into the air, or even disrupting nature’s critical ecosystem.  

With that said, here are some eco-friendly gifts that are perfect for all of the loved ones in your life.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #1: A Natural Yoga Mat 

A yoga mat made from natural materials is a gift that can satisfy most people on our list. Many of us have loved ones who do yoga or meditate, or simply engage in Pilates. If they don’t, a yoga mat can be a great way to introduce them to a new routine that could bring a lot of value to their life. Natural yoga mats can be made from bamboo, cork or any other sustainable, eco-friendly material as a great alternative to the plastic-based yoga mats that once dominated the industry, causing harm to the environment.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #2: A BPA-Free Water Bottle 

Bisphenol As (BPAs) are compounds found in plastic materials that struggle greatly to break down, having no water solubility.  BPA-free plastic products are therefore far friendlier to the environment, and particularly to marine life, since many BPA plastics end up in our oceans. A BPA-free water bottle is a great gift for someone who likes to stay hydrated throughout the day, like those with an active lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #3: Natural Soaps 

Soaps made from naturally sourced materials like beeswax and natural fats, as opposed to sulfates and other harsh chemicals, make for great gifts, while being environmentally friendly by containing ingredients that don’t contribute to our ever-growing problem with pollution. Luxurious and fragrant, they’re an easy gift for almost everyone on your list.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #4: A Throw Made from Natural Fibers 

There really is nothing quite like cozying up with a throw blanket when you’re ready to sit back and binge-watch, so you can understand what an appealing gift a throw blanket can make for that friend who could use more R&R. But, instead of going with a throw made from synthetic materials that never break down, opt for natural fibers like natural cotton, bamboo, flax linen or cashmere.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #5: Biodegradable Slippers 

Like a throw blanket, a pair of comfy slippers is an indulgent gift that makes the recipient feel pampered. And, you can find plenty of slippers made from biodegradable materials that break down over time rather than filling up landfills, such as cork, bamboo and more.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #6: Solid Haircare 

One of the worst environmental offenders is packaging – mainly packaging made from plastic which doesn’t break down over time, and instead accumulates. Something we love is solid haircare products, which don’t need to be packaged since they aren’t liquids or gels. These are solids that lather under water, just like a bar of soap that shampoos or conditions your hair.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #7: Recycled Hammock 

For the outdoor lover in your life, a hammock is a fantastic gift. But, instead of going with a hammock made from polyester and other non-biodegradable materials, find a hammock that’s made out of recycled materials, which benefits the environment by offering a more sustainable solution to relaxing in the woods.

Eco-Friendly Gift Idea #8: Bamboo Knife Set 

We all have that culinary enthusiast in our life who loves collecting high-end kitchenware. We bet that they don’t have a bamboo knife set, which is as aesthetically pleasing as it is eco-friendly. These are stainless-steel knives that use bamboo instead of plastics as their handles, and so are much more attractive, too.

Try to Be Responsible with Gift-Giving This Year 

While we all want to get gifts for our loved ones that are luxurious, special and carefully curated for maximum impact, we have a responsibility to our environment when it comes to everything we purchase, not only for ourselves but for others as well. Luckily, as you can see, these gifts are as environmentally friendly as they are certain to please that special someone.

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