Plastic Free

Cruelty Free

Cotton Ribbon - Metallic Paddle

  • Make your gifts really pop with year
  • Made exclusively in Italy
  • Length: 10 yards
  • Cotton woven with metallic thread

Plastic Free

Cruelty Free

Want to make your gifts really pop this year? Our Metallic Woven Cotton Ribbon provides you with a luxurious way to accessorize all of your “special occasion” gifts this year, with a gorgeous metallic finish that’s 100% free of plastic. This woven cotton ribbon is 1 ½ inches thick, and comes in a generous 10-yard panel to cover all of your gifts this year. Best of all, it’s a biodegradable ribbon that breaks down and replenishes the environment from which it came.

Product Details:

Made in Italy

Length: 10 yards of ribbon

Made of cotton ribbon woven with metallic thread

Ribbon size: 1 1/2” width | 38 millimeters 

Item # R1025

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