10 Amazing and Unique Gift-Wrapping Ideas for 2022

September 01, 2022 3 min read

10 Amazing and Unique Gift-Wrapping Ideas for 2022

We all know how to wrap a gift – well, some of us do it better than others – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going the traditional route in terms of wrapping a box in decorative paper and attaching a bow or a ribbon. But, if you want to try something a bit more creative, there are all kinds of unique and amazing ways to make your gift really pop this year. Here are some of our favorite gift-wrapping ideas that think outside of the box – no pun intended.

#1: Make it 3D

For a major visual impact, consider incorporating a 3D element into the wrapping. This might look like gluing a toy car to a raceway-inspired wrapping paper, or gluing Reese’s Pieces to make a polka dot effect for that candy lover (who will hopefully know not to eat the candy off of the package). Think of a theme that speaks to the recipient’s interests, and then get creative.

#2: Add Some Origami

If you happen to have a gift for origami, consider embellishing your gift with a 3D origami masterpiece using the same wrapping paper used to wrap the gift. It can be the shape of a bow, a heart or their favorite animal, fastened securely onto the package using some double-sided tape or some glue.

#3: Go Rustic 

If you haven’t noticed, rustic is in. Consider using natural materials to decorate the gift, like traditional paper wrapping, twine instead of ribbons, and a bow made out of flax linen. The result is a clean, modern-looking gift that has an air of sophistication to it, and stands out amidst the more whimsical and bold gift-wrapping you’ll find on the gift table or under the tree.

#4: Grab Those Watercolors 

If you want to create a totally customized, one-of-a-kind wrapping, then use some white or light-colored, matte wrapping paper and get some watercolors out. Paint a design from your imagination that reflects the recipient, or simply watch a watercolor tutorial to create a masterpiece regardless of your actual experience as a painter.  

#5: Make a Faux Chalkboard Effect 

One of our personal favorites that really stands out is a faux chalkboard effect, made by painting matte black wrapping paper with white paint. You can write their name, the occasion and your name, and at first glance, it really does look like chalk on a chalkboard – something that’s particularly great for teachers, and kids who are going back to school.

#6: Mix and Match Different Wrapping Papers 

If you’re crafty, you can use two wrapping paper designs in contrasting ways to wrap a gift. Consider cutting even strips of two different papers and using glue or double-sided tape to make a striped pattern, or just cutting one wrapping paper into the shape of a heart or star to put on top of the other wrapping paper.

#7: Do a Yarn Wrap 

A more time-consuming option that’s totally worth it is a yarn wrap, where you purchase thick yarn and wrap the gift with the help of some glue. You can use the same color throughout or do a gradient effect with varying hues, to end up with a textured, absolutely gorgeous gift.

#8: Embellish the Ribbon  

There are all kinds of ways to make the ribbon extra special with embellishments. This can mean attaching charms to the ribbon, or something that’s on theme with the occasion – like a sprig of rosemary tucked underneath during the holidays.  

#9: Make a Personalized Tag 

A personalized tag is always a nice touch that shows the recipient that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make their gift feel special. You can take some cardstock and cut it into an elegant shape, and then show off your calligraphy skills to write out their name, your name and the reason for the occasion.

#10: Go Glam 

If you want to glam up your gift-wrapping this year, go for colors and finishes that bring all of the glitz. Think of gold, blush pink, rose gold, silver and pearlescent colors, to match the glamorous aesthetic of the recipient.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative with Your Gift-Wrapping This Year 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going the more old-school, simple method for wrapping gifts. But, getting creative can be just as fun for you as the recipient, and let you show off your artistic side while making a gift feel like you really put some thought and effort into it. At Waterleaf Paper, we offer all kinds of wrapping paper designs and styles, as well as gift accessories, to help you come up with a one-of-a-kind look for your next gift-giving occasion.

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