8 Sustainable Gift Ideas

September 01, 2022 3 min read

8 Sustainable Gift Ideas

If there’s one thing that we should consider when buying any product, it’s sustainability, and now more than ever before. Sustainability is a term used to refer to consumer products that are self-sustaining – in other words, their production doesn’t create a deficit in the environment. Sustainable products are created using renewable resources that exist in nature, rather than materials that cannot be restored, or materials that are created synthetically in a way that’s harmful to our ecosystem.

Which Sustainable Gifts Should You Consider Buying For Someone?

Many of us buy sustainable products for ourselves, but what about for our loved ones? Sustainability has become such a focus in recent years that you can find all kinds of gifts that are fully sustainable, yet special enough to make your gift recipient feel pampered.

Sustainable Gift Idea #1: Bamboo Bed Sheets 

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. In fact, it’s a highly invasive species, meaning that it replenishes itself just fine. Bamboo is used to make all kinds of products including textiles, which is why bamboo bed sheets are a great gift idea. Besides being sustainable, they’re extremely soft, which makes them feel like a luxury item.

Sustainable Gift Idea #2: Fair Trade Coffee 

For the coffee drinker in your life, fair trade coffee is always a fantastic choice. In order to be considered fair trade, the coffee must directly benefit the region of the world where the coffee is grown, to ensure a sustainable farming environment that compensates farmers and, as a result, their community, fairly. Fair trade coffee comes in all kinds of varieties, and many say that they prefer it because it’s typically higher in quality.

Sustainable Gift Idea #3: A Home Herb Garden Kit  

One of the most sustainable practices that we can engage in is growing our own food, but not all of us have the space or the time for that. A home herb garden kit makes a great gift for someone who loves the idea of growing herbs at home, but doesn’t have the resources to create a full outdoor herb garden. These kits typically provide you with all of the seeds that you need, and a space-saving organization system for growing them into healthy, lush herbs that are ready to eat.

Sustainable Gift Idea #4: Hemp Jewelry 

Like bamboo, hemp is a renewable plant resource that grows abundantly and easily around the world, making it sustainable by nature. It’s used to make all kinds of materials, and hemp jewelry is becoming a huge trend, offering a uniquely rustic, boho aesthetic to the wearer.

Sustainable Gift Idea #5: A Cork Yoga Mat 

Cork is yet another sustainable material that doesn’t deplete our environment in any way, and while cork can be turned into virtually kind of material due to its versatility, one of the most popular cork items by far is a yoga mat. Cork provides that perfect bounce factor that yogis are looking for, and even feels extremely comfortable to lay on during savasana.

Sustainable Gift Idea #6: Epsom Bath Salts  

Scented bath salts make for a dreamy gift, since they offer a luxurious bath experience while benefiting the muscles of the body. Scented with essential oils, they’re all natural, not to mention a fantastic source of magnesium that can absorb transdermally into the body. They’re also completely sustainable because Epsom salts are naturally sourced minerals that make up our planet, and also are fully water-soluble to bring those nutrients back into the earth.

Sustainable Gift Idea #7: Bamboo Kitchenware 

For the entertainer in your life, bamboo kitchenware is a great choice, whether it be drinking cups, utensils, serving ware or a cutting board. We already talked about why bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, and for something that someone will get a lot of use out of, it’s the ultimate material for most kitchen goods.

Sustainable Gift Idea #8: A Leather Phone Case 

Leather isn’t vegan, so keep that in mind, but it is sustainable in that it’s a natural byproduct of the farming industry, and if maintained can last forever. It’s also a far better material for a phone case – not to mention a more luxurious one as well – than the traditional plastic materials that are anything but sustainable.

Try to Be Responsible with Gift-Giving This Year!

This year, consider choosing sustainable gifts for all of your loved ones in order to do your part in protecting the plant’s ecosystem while giving luxury items to the ones you love. And, once you pick out the perfect gifts, don’t forget to use the sustainable wrapping paper from Waterleaf Paper to continue the theme into your gift-wrapping.

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