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Cotton Ribbon - Ribbed Spool

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made exclusively in Italy
  • Length: 10 yards

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Plastic Free

Cruelty Free

If you want to liven up your gift-giving aesthetic this year, our cotton ribbon will do the trick. The vibrant hue is balanced out by the soft, matte 100% cotton material, which doesn’t just look great, but acts as a fully biodegradable way to dress up your gifts so that it actually gives back to the environment. With 5 yards of ribbon at your disposal, your most demanding gift-giving occasions will be covered.

Product Details:

Length: 5 yards

Cotton ribbon: 1/4” width | 6 millimeters

Wood spool size: 1 3/8” wide = 3.5 cm x 2” high = 5 cm.

Made in Italy (ribbon) and the USA (wooden spool)

Item # R1029

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